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Featured Moulin Rouge Costumes

When you are thinking of Moulin Rouge Costumes, there are many different choices and characters that you could choose to dress up as. Of course, the Satine costumes that were worn in Moulin Rouge were very beautiful and many women would love to dress as her for their next costume party or even a moulin rouge themed costume party. There have been a number of these parties since the movie came out and made this era of France very popular again.

When it comes to thinking of ideas for your special party night, it can be quite difficult to know who to go as, especially if you have not yet looked at the range of Moulin Rouge Costumes available for sale. If you are looking for costumes purely from the movie, then there are several choices that you can opt for. The selection of Moulin Rouge Costumes for women is quite large, as most of the characters are female. There are plenty of beautiful burlesque style dresses, corsets and gowns that are available for fancy dress occasions. The outfits that were worn by Satine are the best sellers because, naturally she is the central character. There are so many stunning outfits to choose from to wear from the Moulin Rouge movie. The costume designers really did a great job when designing the outfits that the actors were wearing. We personally love the detail and effort that went into every costume design & the design of all of the accessories. It is the overall design and authenticity to the Moulin Rouge Costumes that make the movie so great to watch. This is why these type of burlesque costumes have become so popular for parties and special events all around the world.

When looking for a moulin rouge Halloween costume there are several choices. The best option is to tone down the whole outfit and choose something a little more subtle, as you will be going to a public place. Many people have chosen a full on show girl costume to wear to Halloween parties in the past, but the effect is somewhat lost in a room full of other assorted outfits. The best idea is to wear something a little more toned down, especially if the party is during the daylight hours. Some of the moulin rouge outfits are really after all, best seen after dark!

Some Great Moulin Rouge Costume Ideas

There are plenty of different fancy dress costumes available to buy for any occasion. Some of the most popular themes over the last few years however have been based on the hugely successful movie Moulin Rouge. There is a huge range of moulin rouge costumes available now because of the movie. Ever since, it was released, Moulin Rouge has inspired people all over the world to host their own burlesque style parties and events. There certainly is an exciting range and diversity of costumes to choose from when looking through moulin rouge costumes ideas.

The whole concept behind the Moulin Rouge club and movie is exciting and different and signified a great changed in the early 1900′s. The style of dress was very different to what we wear now, except for costume parties of course. The Moulin Rouge Costumes available now truly reflect the outfits from this era of time and the film makers went to a great deal of effort to make sure that the outfits were realistic and true to the time of the real moulin rouge. The outfits from the movie were an explosion of colour and beauty, but if you a re stuck for a some great moulin rouge costume ideas, then here are some to get you going.

Top Moulin Rouge Costumes

Burlesque Costumes

There are plenty of these available in fancy dress stores and other, similar outlets. Some are a little more daring than others however, so take a look through them and see how daring you feel!

Satine’s Moulin Rouge Costume

Everyone loves the outfits Nicole Kidman wore in the movie, we have taken a look around and have found the best Moulin Rouge Costumes that match Satine’s the most.

Moulin Rouge Dancer Costume

The showgirl dancers featured heavily in the movie and each character from the cast of background cancan dancers had many wardrobe changes throughout the movie thanks to the elaborate set of costumes the wardrobe department provided for them. They often were shot wearing beautiful, burlesque style outfits in a range of different styles, from more subtle to… not so subtle!

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